Components that have been made in the past.
This baby's crib was made to a client's specifications.
The body of the crib was profile machined from a line drawing, and the legs were made by relief carving.
A decorative knife holder with a magnet set into the rear of the casing to hold the blade securely.
A rocking bike made from pine is detatchable from the rocker. A wooden locating pin holds the bike to the rocking base.
A backgammon board with solid wood V-shaped inlays and a rope weave relief made from Saligna wood carved around the border.
These novelty beds were made for toddlers who are ready to move on from a crib to a bed.
They are made low to the ground to limit falls and made into an appealing design (cars etc.) to capture a child's imagination.
These beds are made using a combination of profile cutting and V-Bit carving.
This is a doll's house that is supplied in kit form. The idea behind the project was that assembly would be a bonding experience between parent and child.
The parts slot together and are held in position with beech dowels.
The board used for the house is sealed prior to machining so that it can be individually painted, wallpapered and carpeted once it has been assembled.
The house has been manufactured using profile machining.