V Bit Carving uses a 'V' shaped or half round cutter to cut into material. The depth of the cut is determined by the thickness of the line, the thicker the line the deeper the cut.
The design is usually generated from line art.
A maximum depth can be specified if required.
V-Bit carving is very versatile and is especially useful for machining lettering. Shown above is a cover I made for my portfolio. The lettering and pattern were cut with a 'V' shaped cutter and the half round cutter was used to create the texture and border.
Shown above is a V-Bit carving of a flower arrangement machined into an oak veneered board. The machined areas are stained dark brown to define the cut.
This is a plaque for a runner's medal, machined on beech veneered board. The machined area has been stained to achieve greater definition.